Booth Prices

Upper Level Booth Rates

Regular Businesses:
10′ x 10′ Booth: $285
Each additional 10′ x 10′ Booth: $200
(Booths: 13-36)
May request space in the Travel & Tourism Section or the Women’s Area

Travel & Tourism Section sponsored by
(i.e. resorts, hotels, campgrounds)
10′ x 10′ Booth: $225
(Booths: 1-12)
Must be Travel or Tourism related to get this rate

Women’s Area (i.e. Pampered Chef, Tupperware, & Avon):
10′ x 10′: $135
(Booths: 36-50)
Must be a home-based / party / presentation business

  • Upper Level Booths are draped and include an un-skirted six-foot table and two padded chairs.
  • A limited number of additional tables are available.  Please request additional tables on your exhibit agreement.
  • Bulk space is available in the upper level, please contact promoter for additional information.

Lower Level Booth Rates

Each numbered booth space is 900 square feet.  Booths 60 & 66 are about 960 square feet but are not square.

No. of Spaces Cost Per Sq. Foot Square Footage Total
1 $1.40 900 $1,260
2 $1.30 1800 $2,340
3 $1.25 2700 $3,375
4 $1.20 3600 $4,320

Un-skirted tables and padded chairs are available.


  • 25% for lower level booths
  • 50% for upper-level booths
  • Deposits are non-refundable and balance is due prior to setting up at the show.

City of Murray Vendor Fee & Kentucky State Sales Tax:

  • The City of Murray has imposed a $5 per day vendor fee for special events.  If you already have a City of Murray business license or  your business/organization is exempt from having a business license you will NOT be required to pay the fee.
  • Businesses and organizations that are exempt include:  non-profit entities, student organizations and governmental organizations.  If you have any questions about whether you are exempt, please contact the City of Murray at 270-762-0300.
  • The cost per vendor for the show will be $15
  • With the passage of Kentucky House Bill 8 (HB8) in 2022,  as of January 1, 2023 you will be required to pay a 6% sales tax on your booth rental unless you are sales tax-exempt.  You will need to provide your exemption number to the show promoter.